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              Luhu Aluminum

              Attentive service to win the future



              Company hotline:

              enterLuhu Aluminum

              Shanghai Luhu Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a key manufacturer specializing in the production of aluminum profiles in China. It has introduced German technology and is an enterprise with modern production technology and passed international quality system certification and product quality certification. Since its establishment in 2005, the company's products are now widely used in various fields of production, life, and medical care to provide high-quality products and perfect services to many well-known domestic and foreign companies, research institutes and universities.

                   Shanghai Luhu Hardware Products Co., Ltd. has a professional sales and technical team. In addition to supplying various series of standard products, it can also customize various non-standard products for customers. Shanghai Luhu has won the trust and favor of many customers at home and abroad with professional services, strong technical force, perfect operating procedures, and sufficient product inventory. It has always been the first choice supplier for customers in industrial automation assembly systems.

                Shanghai Luhu Hardware Products Co., Ltd. products are mainly divided into the following five series:

                  1. Conceptual design series: mold development, design and profile production.

                    2. Universal aluminum profile production series: industrial automation aluminum profile extrusion, production and aluminum profile accessories production.

                    3. Industrial automation assembly series: flexible and diverse industrial aluminum frame

                    Fourth, lean production series: workbench, console

                    5. Protection series: industrial fence equipment shield, equipment frame, workstation, dust-free operation room

                    These series have matured day by day, achieving the target requirements of modularization and standardization, and can arbitrarily form a perfect industrial automation production system.

              • 2005year

                Founded in 2005
              • ±0.5mm

                Tolerance value of aluminum profile cutting
              • 15year

                Experience in production and processing
              PRODUCTS CENTER
              • Industrial aluminum profile
                • Aluminum profile-30 series
                • Aluminum profile-10 series
                • Aluminum profile-14 series
                • Aluminum profile-15 series
                • Aluminum profile-16 series
                • Aluminum profile-20 series
                • Aluminum profile-25 series
                • Aluminum profile-35 series
                • Aluminum profile-38 series
                • Aluminum profile-40 series
                • Aluminum profile-45 series
                • Aluminum profile-50 series
                • Aluminum profile-60 series
                • Aluminum profile-62 series
                • Aluminum profile-80 series
                • Aluminum profile-90 series
                • Aluminum profile-100 series
                • Aluminum profile-120 series
              • Aluminum profile accessories area
                • Angle Piece Series
                • Extrusion angle series
                • Steering three-dimensional angle piece
                • Angle groove connector
                • T type L type connecting plate
                • Cross-shaped connecting plate
                • Groove connector
                • Elastic fastener
                • Built-in connector
                • Right Angle Link Pin
                • Angled connecting pin
                • Living hinge
                • Flat plate, arc adjustment plate
                • Bolt full screw
                • Threaded tube
                • screw nut
                • End face connecting block
                • Hoof feet series
                • Caster series
                • Square tube
                • handle
                • Bending plate
                • Foot series
                • Cover
                • Universal ball
                • Density board
                • Mask machine hob
                • Hinge
                • Roller
                • Activity hook
                • Intercom connector
                • Wire rod
                • Fluent
                • Door Stopper
                • lock
              • Aluminum profile safety fence
                • Aluminum profile safety fence
              • Equipment safety shield
              • Shaped aluminum profile
              • Workshop bridge step
              • Aluminum profile workbench
              • Aluminum frame
              OUR ADVANTAGES
              • 01

                15000 M2 aluminum profile production workshop

                With 500 tons - 12500 tons, imported aluminum extrusion press to meet the domestic production of 90% aluminum
              • 01

                Quality standard of aluminum profile

                The aluminum content of raw materials is 97% - 99% according to the standards of different brands
              • 01

                Follow up processing experience

                We have accumulated decades of experience in the following precision machining of aluminum profile, industrial aluminum profile and profile
              • 01

                Mould research and development

                Lu Hu Ji for the < aluminum profile > < industrial aluminum profile > < profile > mold research and development, has an original WEDM EDM technology, can meet the stringent requirements of various enterprises
              • After sale:158-2158-8781
              • order:150-2164-4131
              • mailbox:shluhu8@163.com
              • Address: No.2 factory building, No.23 Zhipu Road, Qiandeng Town, Kunshan City, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province


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              Copyright ? 2006-2019 上海璐琥五金制品有限公司版權所有 工信部備案號:滬ICP備13045582-4 

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